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Having begun as an Email Marketing company, Amigos Data has metamorphosed into a full spectrum digital and online communications marketing company. The evolution has been steady and with multi-fold results. We have grown and have helped our clientele grow in the process and today, we command an enviable amount of market-share.

Apart from Email marketing and digital communications, Amigos Data also provides Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Search Earned Marketing services. We have a team of experienced and dedicated resources and managers who are well aware of market trends, web compulsions and technical bandwidth requirement. Our team comprises socially aware, technically sound and competent individuals who are communicative and have a finger on the pulse of the business scene. We have the right blend of experience, attitude and managerial ability.

We acquire all our databases and mailing lists through a complete process of detailed oriented research, data collection and veracity confirmation and we ensure that our lists and databases are frequently tested and maintained

Email Lists

Email Appending

Phone Appending

Find the best phone numbers in the US, UK and Canada

Phone number appending services provide you with a fast and easy way to add telephone numbers to your customer and prospect files helping you to more effectively target your customers and new prospects and maintain the currency of your database.

Our appending services give you a comprehensive resource of directory assistance and compiled telephone number listings for the U.S, Canada, and other countries.

  • Over 190 million telco-sourced consumer and business directory assistance listings with daily updates.
  • Two sources of more than 160 million compiled consumer listings, and 16 million compiled business listings from white and yellow page directories nationwide.
  • Plus compiled telephone directory listings for Canada With our extensive coverage of quality data, fast turnarounds, superior match rates and the highest degree of accuracy, we offer you the ultimate resource for all your telephone number appending needs.

Consumer Phone Number Append Percentage

All lists are matched against the National Do-Not-Call registry. However, if your organization is exempt from these laws you must specify “Exempt” at the time of order. The average percentage append rate for exempt customers is 25% to 70%. The average percentage of non-exempt customers is 7% to 18%.


Business Phone Number Append Percentage

The business phone number append percentage varies depending on the accuracy of the names in your list. Your record must match our database record exactly in order to append a phone number, otherwise no match will be given. The average percentage appended is 35% to 65%.

Email List Hygiene

Pre-Packaged Lists

Yes, Amigos data Prepackaged List is a set of mailing list which is created by the professionals and updated at frequent intervals. These are special value lists that provide more attractive pricing as we have already compiled and continue to update them for common list requests. For example, C-level executives for manufacturing, or CEOs for manufacturing, or CMOs for manufacturing, marketing directors, financial directors, etc.

Instead of wasting time on deciding what to should be included in your data list, allow us to make that decision. The results are usually higher with these lists and it’s a proven fact.



Amigos Data has compiled and updated lists dedicated to various industries according to the demands of the industry. Our Pre-packaged mailing lists are targeted at connecting to the niche market. The lists are segmented in such a way that businesses get to connect with the specific product to the specific audience. The top selling pre-packaged lists among all the rest are:

  • European Lists
  • Healthcare Lists
  • International List
  • IT Lists
  • Professionals List
  • State-wise List
  • Industry wise List

Automotive Industry


Automotive Customers are the heart of every business. When it comes to the automotive industry, customer loyalty and retention are top priority. Marketers, automobile manufacturers, and dealership/service centers in the automotive industry are aware of customer satisfaction in every stage of a buying cycle. Engaging potential customers in an eloquent way shortens the sales cycle, and it is the prime deciding factor. Our automotive-centric marketing solutions are designed to increase sales besides shortening the sales cycle and decreasing the time spent on marketing.

Amigos Data has a no-fluff approach to developing data-driven marketing, advertising strategies, and broadcast services crafted with utmost care using scientific marketing solutions. We understand that your marketing communication needs to include promotions, product/service announcements, service reminders, recalls, trade shows, and much more. Hence, we create marketing strategies focusing on the type of communication and medium you are targeting. Get a broad view of our marketing formula.

Benefits for the automotive industry with specific marketing solutions:

  • Increase in storefront traffic and leads
  • Scope of capitalizing on market share
  • Enhanced customer interactions
  • Positive sales experiences online and offline

Any queries? Please contact us with your requirements. Customer loyalty and retention are top priority. Marketers, automobile manufacturers, and dealership/service centers in the automotive industry are aware of customer satisfaction in every stage of a buying cycle. Engaging potential customers in an eloquent way shortens the sales cycle, and it is the prime deciding factor.customer loyalty and retention are top priority. Marketers, automobile manufacturers, and dealership/service centers in the automotive industry are aware of customer satisfaction in every stage of a buying cycle. Engaging potential customers in an eloquent way shortens the sales cycle, and it is the prime deciding factor.customer loyalty and retention are top priority. Marketers, automobile manufacturers, and dealership/service centers in the automotive industry are aware of customer satisfact

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is diverse, embracing fitness centers, hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and other genres into its purview. With continuous growth and widespread presence, organizations have adopted cutting-edge technology to sustain in a hard to predict market.But on the downside, the healthcare industry is yet to show more responsibility in the way it networks in a market. Reaching the right audience at the right place and time is the urgent need in the industry. Marketing through tips and healthcare information is the lifeblood of organizations, without which they cannot survive, let alone succeed.

Although ‘marketing’ has its connotations, responsible healthcare organizations need to understand the importance of sharing valuable information when people need it the most. Poor data can cause hazardous impact on your business prospects and lack of technical support can cost you dearly. So, the ultimate solution lies in adopting an on-going and a constant marketing services support that never loses pulse.

Convert weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunities with:

  • An updated knowledge about who needs your support and where
  • Connect with various healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses
  • Connect with major decision makers and hospital owners using niche healthcare lists
  • Explore all possible distribution opportunities through extensive market research
  • Access high quality data free of duplicates and errors to get 100% results

Aid your business through custom built data for various healthcare needs. Our data is extracted through both means – manual and automated. The complete process gives you what it takes –from market research to email campaign to social media reach to data base collection and updating.

Any queries? Please contact us with your requirements.


Manufacturing Industry

Globalization at the forefront has triggered many challenges for the technology-hungry manufacturing industry. Challenges like attracting skilled labor and training have become increasingly difficult for manufacturing firms. Customers, partners, employees, and vendors have all expressed emphatic need for automation in the organizational processes.

While trying to achieve agility and flexibility in the industrial processes, the manufacturing industry needs to have a clear business vision and a customer-centric outlook.

Amigos Data’s cutting-edge Marketing and Database solutions help save the manufacturing firms by:

  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Managing a customer’s unprecedented control over the market
  • Tackling competition created by highly tech or internet-savvy customers

With emerging marketing techniques and exposure to global markets, it becomes possible to reduce all the trade barriers facing manufacturing firms. That is how we enable effective coordination between the different teams involved in marketing and sales, and easily get you back the lost revenue in any. By bridging the gap between the manufacturer and the customer using marketing technology, we help manufacturing companies reduce wastage of production, or production costs, and improve productivity

Any queries? Please contact us with your requirements

Technology Industry

The IT industry is one such industry that has shown speedy and sporadic growth. With this, it calls for a great deal of parallel innovations in its marketing domain as well. At Amigos Data, we provide complete database marketing solutions that secure your business with relevant leads, big-data growth strategies, and fruitful business decisions. Marketing strategies entail a series of new trends and techniques like outsourcing, marketing automation, sales force integration, and other marketing process automation software. Backed by our market research services, our online marketing and database marketing solutions come with promising solutions that help you enable your marketing processes, and entrench your brand image in the online medium.

With this level of reach and expertise in marketing, backed by in-depth lead analytics, you get oriented towards prospects that need your services the most. Meeting new and upcoming challenges, and creating marketing and advertising trends is our culture. Continuous updating and maintaining of our databases to keep them fresh and error-free are among our ongoing priorities. The services are designed for all types of organizations, be they small to medium companies or large IT firms.

Benefits Provided:

  • Highly customized and updated databases
  • Leads that are product/service-specific
  • Exploring of emerging industries with the help of automated systems
  • Opportunities to communicate with decision makers and business leaders

Smart Solutions

  • Data research techniques
  • Process enabled data
  • Eased out campaign processes through regular reduplication of databases
  • Systematic data segmentation based on prospects and their industries

Any queries? Please contact us with your requirements.

Retail Industry

The majority of the retail industry faces hurdles in fragile economic situations. Due to that, a further dip in growth rate, coupled with price hike in commodities, makes matters worse. Retailers obviously find it hard to communicate the unfriendly rates to customers and staff members.

With immense competition to attract customers online, the retailers ought to look for some smart marketing moves. Data analytics of customers, the emerging trends in technology, and social media are among the top needs in demand. What makes it possible to connect online with customers is just what we seek to offer you. Amigos data comes with a storehouse of Marketing and Database solutions tailor-made for maximum leverage.

Amigos unique CRM and Supply Chain Management systems go a long way in –

  • Helping you spot the cost-effective innovation market
  • Holding on to your old and loyal customers
  • Knowing where your supply chain deals are originated
  • Connecting with the biggest spenders on brands
  • Robust database contacts enable you to connect you with your niche audience, reducing costs in advertising
  • Availing fully updated prospect lists fetched from the master DB

Any queries? Please contact us with your requirements

Finance & Banking Industry

Banking and financial organizations get hit when investors become fewer and borrowers grow skeptical about markets. An economic recession makes it difficult for banks to survive. Banking assets implies people’s money, and that is reason enough for the industry to feel the pinch.

To aid you out of these problems, Amigos comes with the right mix of data management, data analysis, and intelligent digital marketing solutions – that keep up the trust level of investors and customers. Risk mitigation, customer retention, and availability of segmented data are forcing the industry to look towards smart marketing solutions.

Solutions that Amigos has for finance and banking (F&B) clients:

  • Behavioral analysis of the leads in the database to accelerate marketing activities
  • Promote the F&B products through targeted digital marketing
  • Cost-effective data management, cleansing, segmentation, and validation processes
  • Get error-free customer data and win genuine trust of the audience

Any queries? Please contact us with your requirements.

Education Industry

The introduction of digital learning or E-Learning solutions has brought evolutionary progress in the education industry. However, that triggers competition among the biggest players in education.

Some of the current challenges faced by the education industry today are:

  • Demand is hardly met by what’s there to supply (we look at it as an advantage)
  • Increased competition from new and specialized courses
  • A part of the workforce finds it hard to market what they have to offer
  • Infrastructure for reaching bigger audiences
  • Finding niche audiences in pre-admission
  • Promoting courses to the target audience
  • Academic-product differentiation

Amigos Data helps overcome these challenges with:

  • Database services that offer you details of suitable institutions and students
  • Marketing services for diversified online marketing campaigns
  • Institutes in need of outsourcing educational services
  • A pathway for your brand image to reach parents and students

Now meet your tough marketing challenges. Place all your expectations and much beyond them on us. All our marketing services are backed by insights based on focused market research on the education industry.

Any queries? Please contact us with your requirements

Travel Industry

The travel industry runs in tandem with several other industries – transportation, hospitality, food, fitness, etc. This creates dependency. Political tensions, environmental issues, natural calamities and terrorist attacks make only a part of the list. Rise in food and accommodation prices also contribute towards the industry’s difficult patches.

There is an evident need for reducing those dependencies. The industry is yet to meet solutions to these challenges. Only with the proper marketing mix and a set of flexible strategies can we support you in the face of unpredictable situations. Or else, profits will be hard to perceive.

Amigos’s solutions to mitigate the unpredictable challenges of the travel industry:

  • Back your business with niche contact lists – not just travelers, but restaurant owners, travel agencies, airline personnel, villas, tour guides, etc
  • Reach out to various hospitality associations wherever you specialize in tours
  • Understand the most preferred (and future) tourist spots through thorough market research
  • Execute your plans through our end-to-end marketing solutions – market analytics, market research, and customer service
  • Segment your audience based on their needs and demands through well-defined data segmentation

So you can prevent your business from going bait to all the unforeseen circumstances and a ‘lack of opportunity’. Get smarter in spite of ever growing challenges – because it is possible!

Any queries? Please contact us with your requirements.

Real Estate Industry

Real estate companies survive on valuable contacts. Home and construction material prices keep changing frequently. This brings changes in costs of other resources such as labor, architectural service, etc. All you need is an ongoing marketing strategy that doesn’t just come with a database of contacts, but a business process that organically fits in with your organization.

With Amigos’s repository of Marketing and Database:

  • Find contacts of homebuyers, architects and other people important for your business
  • Set business goals in a realistic sense with trustworthy foresights
  • Get information on construction sites, heavy machinery transport systems, and other resources that meet your standards, and yet let you operate within budget
  • Update of data resources through cleansing, validation, licensing, etc. for maintaining congruency with changing market needs
  • Develop unique selling propositions to understand your target audience – how different you are, and how your solutions match their needs
  • Use marketing automation to make your marketing processes simpler and result oriented
  • Gain marketing solutions backed by automation, data solutions and a 24×7 customer support

Any marketing challenge you face, our solution is waiting. Meet your heady challenges with our robust solutions in the ever-changing realty market.

Any queries? Please contact us with your requirements

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